Review: Avenue Q

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Avenue Q

Avenue Q what can I say about Avenue Q that hasn't already been said?  Crude, Lewd & Rude....   Sesame Street for adults... Yes, it sure is.  The one thing I would add is believe the hype.  This is the funniest show to hit the West End since, well I can't think of anything funnier.  From the word go you will understand exactly where your at when you have a nice fluffy puppet swearing in the first five minutes.  Yes it's that kind of a show.

It's so brilliantly set up, a street in New York which has a variety of characters living there, humans, puppets and a ex-child TV star, all gop through life's ups and downs in a muppet type fashion.  But this is not about learning letters, numbers and the ocassional spanish word.  No, no, no this is about the dangers of excessive drinking, homelessness, internet porn (Yes, I did just write internet porn), one night stands and that's just the puppets!!  Oh and how can I forget the two cute teddy bear puppets trying to convince someone to buy beer and hang themselves?

Everything about this show is done perfectly, the puppetry, the songs and the singing.  Special mention though to Mary Doherty (Who standing in for Julie Atherton was brilliant), Simon Lipkin & Jon Robyns whose muliple roles and singing voices are put the test every night, were absolutely brilliant.   It will have you crying with delight, rolling in the aisles, looking on in shock and humming the tunes for days in equal measures.  This show is certainly not suitable for the younger members of your family, but anyone who grew up in the Sesame Street generation will love every minute of this.  Make your way to Avenue Q now other wise your life may just suck to be you.

Matt Bourne