Review: Footloose The Musical

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Footloose The Musical

Well I for one am a huge fan of the original 80's Movie. In fact I was a big fan of the three F's of the 80's in Fame, Footloose & Flashdance.

Fame is already a popular and sucessful musical in theatreland and now it's Footloose's turn.

The stroty is still the same. Ren and his mother relocate from the big city of Chicago to small suburb in the bible belt. There Ren has to compete with the local town coucil and the domineering Pastor against the law of No dancing or loud music in public. Ren gets the towns youth behind him as they aim to have a summer dance.

From the moment the opening lights and music hit you are propelled into this. It's flash, it's vibrant and it's sure a lot of fun. The clever thing here is how they have taken all the songs off the soundtrack, which certainly weren't sung in the movie and transported them to the stage. Derek Hough as Ren is the standout in this show and has the looks of a bonefide star. With showstopping numbers like "Let's Hear It For The Boy" and the titular "Footloose", this is an excellent night out at the theatre. 

Matt Bourne