Review: Hairspray

Posted by Matt Bourne on 05:00 with No comments

The Broadway smash finally makes it's way to London's West End, and boy was it worth the wait.  Those who saw the film earlier this year will be familiar with the story and the songs for those who didn't here's a quick rundown.  Tracy Turnblad dreams of becoming a TV star on the very popular Corny Collins show.  Unfortunately Tracy diesn't fit into the image of the show in the eyes of the bigotted producer Edna Von Tussle.  In a fortunate turn of events Tracy finds herself not only on the show, but also competing for the attention of the shows heartthrob Link Larkin with Edna's equally repulsive daughter Amber.... 

This is what musical theatre should be all about.  It's loud, it's brash, it's colourful and most of all fun with a capital F.  The entire cast are brilliant each standing out in their own particular showcase moment.  Leanne Jones is absolutely wonderful as Tracy.  She's so adorable that you can't help but love her.  Micheal Ball is a simply a revelation as Edna Turnblad and also worth high praise are (Any Dream Will Do's) Ben James-Ellis, Adrian Hansell & especially Johhnie Fiori as Motormouth Maybelle whose rendition of I Know Where I've Been, brought the house down.  This show is so slick, the lighting is amazing, the staging and sets very impressive, it's hard to fault this show.  This show is so syrrupy sweet you'll be drowning in sugar by the end.

As I mentioned earlier this is what Musical Theatre should be all about, so make sure you get in line because this sure to be selling out, to get your tickets to meet 'the nicest kids in town'!

Matt Bourne